By on November 12, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. MINIMAL AGE is 16 y/o. This is obviously connected with security of the event, but also with the content that may appear during the game such as – fear, pain, violence, bad language, racism, etc.  As recommended by PEGI we are not going to serve this content to the people below age of 16. Message to our underage fans: Don’t worry – our event appears to be popular enough to make some more episodes 😉 just wait a little, gear up, and come for our next event!
  2. PRICE at the moment is not precise but for the closest event (with Polish as leading language) it should be something around 160 pln (~37 eur). Prices may wary due to many external factors like sponsors, extra attractions and others. English only versions may be also more expensive, because of resources and people we need to hire.
  3. REPLICAS – you are welcome to bring your own replica – it needs to be limited to our standards (360 fps at the moment) and we recommend to have it as close to the universe reality – so please prefer Russian made weapons. During the game you’ll be able to find or buy some of the replicas from our arsenal, but please remember that we have limited resources. Also – we are looking for a partners that will share their weapons with the players for small fee – but we don’t have any more information about this at the moment. Also, remember – there is no same to play this game without any weapon. This is brutal world and a gun is a luxury.


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