By on October 22, 2016

“Proteus” foundation is a team of experienced larpers who has decided to create something unusual, exceptional and absolutely fantastic. Professional events of this kind in Poland are gathering more and more people – but the main reason why we decided to create our game is a will to build something great and unforgetable. The name “Proteus” is our tribute to our previous work and LARP called Teomachia, but on the other hand it is the reference to mythical, greek god Proteus – his fantastic ability was changing forms. Changing forms is exactly the core idea of larping – creating new alter-ego that let you live for a short period of time in absolutely impossible world and shape. Our team of eight people hae complex set of skills to complete our project on a world class level. Combining experience taken from many groups and larp projects we create the team determined to organize events that will be remembered for years in the gaming world.

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